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Dear Don,

Thanks again for the fine job you did in taking down our madrona tree. What I did not tell you at the time you offered to cut it down was that we had tried to get it cut down for two years. Originally we had gotten three bids. Two were about the same as yours and the third one was over three times as much.

The third bidder said that because it was so big (over 70 feet tall) with dead limbs extending out over the house and other limbs extending out over the bank, the only way to get it down was with a crane. We decided to go with one of  the cheaper bids, but after that man worked on it for half a day, he gave up and disappeared.

After that we stalled a while, and by the time I contacted the second low bidder, their key man had moved out of the area and the company did not feel qualified to take on a rope job as large as this.

At this point we had resigned ourselves to the crane method when by coincidence you dropped off your card and asked if we were interested in a bid. Skeptically, we decided to give you a chance, and are we ever glad we did!

You arrives on the scheduled day, took down the tree exactly as you said you would, removed all the debris (which was massive) as you said you world, and cut the limbs and the trunk in good fireplace lengths as you promised. Now, the challenge for us is to split up the wood, but we anticipated this problem.

All in all we could not be happier. Thanks for doing what three other companies could not do and doing you job so well!




Dear Don,

Joseph and I would like to thank you for the work you did on our Vashon Island property. In our experience, it is very rare to find a company that does it all right. Prompt service, high level of skill, courteous attention, and holding to the bid (even exceeding expectations). You are a highly skilled woodsman, indeed! It was fun to learn about your craft. You were very patient with all our questions and truly listened to what we really wanted.

We hope to use your services again. Please feel free to use us as references.

Thanks again,

T.T. and J.H.
Vashon Island